Educational Component to Healing

Education is not preparation for life. Education should be a constant throughout our lives. As we continue to educate ourselves, we can continue to produce positive changes for ourselves and those around us. The team at Balance Treatment Center can help our clients tackle the obstacles they face so they can move forward to become positive and productive members in their communities.

At Balance Treatment Center we work with our clients so they can discover, refine, and apply intelligence and character. We want our clients to be capable to take responsibility for their healing by proactively engaging in their own research and development, by building strategies for competence, mastery and self-empowerment. Our residential facility is equipped to assist our clients with the tools and guidance necessary for continued schooling and vocational services. Through our educational services program we are able to assist with tutoring and online classes, as well as finding resources and direction to enter or finish college or find jobs. Our team will work together to identify any learning issues or educational needs and to empower our clients to reach their goals and be successful in their own educational and professional ventures.

Emotional Component to Healing


Emotional stability helps create clear, rational thinking and productive behavior.

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Social Component to Healing


Socialization is a fundamental part of being human.

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Educational Component to Healing


The more opportunities one is given to learn, the more capacity one has to acquire knowledge.

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Physical Component to Healing


Regular activity and healthy diets contribute to both physical health and mental health.

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Balance works directly with schools in meeting requirements to bridge the gap between probation and successful completion. The Balance team will help to identify personal processing skills and identify underdeveloped skills. To provide a solid educational component to healing, our treatment team will work with clients to help them:

  • Develop and maintain decision-making power.
  • Utilize access to information and resources.
  • Identify a range of options from which to choose.
  • Exercise assertiveness.
  • Identify obstacles to learning/develop skills to overcome these obstacles.
  • Think positively about the ability to create change.
  • Learn skills for improving personal power.
  • Initiate and follow through with self-growth activities.
  • Evolve positive self-image and self-appreciation.
  • Develop skills for rational thought.
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Balance Treatment Residential Center [  ]

  • At Balance Treatment Center, we treat clients struggling with a variety of emotional and psychological issues
  • Balance Residential Treatment Center Grounds
  • Balance Residential Treatment Center Grounds
  • Balance Residential Treatment Center Grounds
  • Luxurious gated home surrounded by nearly four acres of lush gardens
  • Manicured lawns with patios and comfortable seating
  • Nestled minutes away from the Malibu coast and over six dozen state parks, the Residential Center is set in the epitome of a serene and natural environment
  • A luxurious place for healing, Balance Treatment Center is a licensed private Mental Health Rehabilitation Center
  • Balance Treatment Center has made every effort to ensure that our clients feel nurtured from the moment they enter our facility
  • The formal living room
  • Upon entering the home clients will notice an open and bright space. Sunlight streams in from the floor to ceiling windows
  • The spacious rooms, soaring ceilings, and abundance of wood and natural materials used usher in a sense of calm and wellbeing
  • Spacious rooms and comfortable quiet areas
  • Balance Treatment Center offers a program designed to meet the needs of clients struggling with mental health issues and dual diagnosis problems
  • Private rooms
  • Contemporary and bright private sleeping quaters
  • The environment is comfortable and allows for our clients to always feel relaxed and safe
  • Spacious Semi-Private Rooms
  • Contemporary and bright decor
  • Boutique-like bathrooms
  • Fully equiped luxurious bathrooms
  • Fully equiped luxurious bathrooms with oversized tubs
  • Sleek furnishings give the room a modern feel
  • Sleek furnishings give the room a modern feel
  • A variety of treatment rooms
  • Multiple state of the art entertainment centers located in the house
  • Family style dining
  • Family style dining
  • A farm to table approach of food preparation
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