Ariana Savich, MS, LMFT

Ariana Savich, MS, LMFT
Ariana Savich

Licensed Therapist - Balance Treatment Center

Ariana Savich is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist that graduated in 2013 from California Lutheran University. The graduate degree achieved was a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage Family Therapy. During Ariana’s time in Graduate school, she worked on a specialization in The Recovery Model and interned in the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Program (IPV). It was in this program where Ariana worked with victims of domestic violence and children raised in the environment. During this internship, she was able to learn and address the issues factoring into domestic violence such as trauma, the cycle of violence, identifying abusive behaviors, and changing the abusive environment.

Ariana has worked in the mental health community since 2009, which started during her junior year in Undergraduate school of Psychology at California State University of Channel Islands. During this time, Ariana was a behavioral therapist working with children with autism, as well as disabled adults. In this job, the goal was to integrate the consumer into the community around them by obtaining a job, utilizing public transportation, and interacting in a social setting to develop social skills.

After obtaining the Master’s of Science degree in Counseling Psychology, Ariana had focused her learning attention on working with individuals that struggle with eating disorders and co-occurring chemical dependency issues. In this role, Ariana concentrated on teaching and aiding consumers to incorporate recovery into their lives by uncovering the core issues that ignited the substance use and eating disorder symptoms and learn adaptive ways of coping with the core issues.

Ariana now focuses on utilizing all the different treatment modalities that have been acquired to assisting individuals and families with creating a treatment plan that is right for them in order to start and continue on the past of recovery. Ariana’s goals include assisting her surrounding community through trauma’s and life issues in order to establish a healthy, functional, and thriving life.

Emotional Component to Healing


Emotional stability helps create clear, rational thinking and productive behavior.

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Social Component to Healing


Socialization is a fundamental part of being human.

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Educational Component to Healing


The more opportunities one is given to learn, the more capacity one has to acquire knowledge.

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Physical Component to Healing


Regular activity and healthy diets contribute to both physical health and mental health.

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