Shannon Haroutunian, MA, LMFT,

Shannon Haroutunian, MA, LMFT, Licensed Therapist
Shannon Haroutunian

Licensed Therapist - Balance Treatment Center

Shannon Haroutunian is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has knowledge and passion for helping others. Shannon studied at Pepperdine University where she received a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology. Her professional experience includes a variety of settings ranging from universities, schools, hospitals, outpatient programs, residential treatment facilities, adolescent group homes, crisis centers, and detox units. She has applicable clinical knowledge of mental disorders, family dynamics, and chemical dependency.

Shannon works with a variety of individuals and families providing individual therapy, couple’s therapy, as well as family therapy. She treats people with a wide range of issues, most commonly depression, anxiety, bipolar, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts, self harm, and substance abuse. Shannon has advanced training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and facilitates DBT groups for clients. She also specializes in grief, loss, and trauma focusing on emotional healing. She is currently a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and Women's Association for Addiction Treatment.

Shannon's emphasis is on a collaborative approach where input and engagement are integral components of counseling. She creates a safe, trusting, confidential environment for clients to work on struggles. This environment will enable each individual to attain personal growth and insight.

As the Program Director, Shannon oversees treatment and clients in the outpatient program, provides direct clinical services, case management, and works with other clinicians and families to further improve mental health stability for clients. She believes strongly in Balance Treatment Center's clinical program and it is her hope to sensitively challenge her clients, while engaging the unique process of growth, discovery, and change.

Emotional Component to Healing


Emotional stability helps create clear, rational thinking and productive behavior.

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Social Component to Healing


Socialization is a fundamental part of being human.

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Educational Component to Healing


The more opportunities one is given to learn, the more capacity one has to acquire knowledge.

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Physical Component to Healing


Regular activity and healthy diets contribute to both physical health and mental health.

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