Art and Mental Health

Art and Mental Health

There is ample research that shows that the quality of health is determined by activities, habits and routines. How I live daily is a blueprint of my heart, soul and spirit. I find that if my routine is not all I desire it to be, I can change it to enhance my quality of life. Simple changes or drastic ones, positivity should be the name of the game. I desire to find things that create happiness, fulfillment, and joy in my life.

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Many people find joy outside, in things like white water rafting, zip lining or camping. Others find peace in yoga, meditation or praying. Some people enjoy throwing the football with a buddy, shopping with a girlfriend, spending time with friends, celebrating or participating in family rituals. And then, some people enjoy art, making it, losing themselves in it, daydreaming about it or diving into its meaning. There are painters, musicians, storytellers, culinary geniuses, crossword puzzle creators, surfboard shapers, photographer and architects. What do they all have in common? Art.

Art is special, art is therapeutic, art is important, art is mental health

Is my art the same as yours? Absolutely not. Do my brushstrokes evoke some secret feeling you didn’t know you had? Maybe. If you don’t like my art, would it bother me that you don’t like it? Ha, no. I didn’t make it for you. I made it because it made me feel better. It encompassed how I felt about a situation in my life at that time. Do you need to understand my feelings? Not really. Art is special to me, art is therapeutic, art is important, art is mental health. It’s multi sensory, it’s culinary, it’s expressive, it’s neurological, it helps me convey feelings I can’t do with words. Art is tactile and sometimes sparkly. Art is selfish.

It’s selfish in a fantastic way. Art in whatever form in exudes from, is powerful, essential, healing, dramatic, right-brained, left-brained, descriptive and a secret teller. It frees me, opens my wings wide, makes me listen better, look harder and refines my skill.

While talent is not required, art is appropriate for all ages. It enhances emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Creative art therapy, while selfish, is also a way to empathize with others, engage in a moving or emotional experience, release or explain trauma, provide an attachment to another person or group of people, it tells a story or a glimpse in a day. I was made for different reasons that you were. We were made to be different. I challenge you to look past conformity, with respect and validity of course. Be accountable, do what you say you will. I can’t see your heart if you don’t let me in and trust me.

Art therapy enhances emotional, physical and mental well-being.

I want to achieve the highest level of functioning in all areas of my life, don’t you? I want to create a solid and balanced foundation to live a positive, healthy and productive life, wouldn’t you? When I teach and lead, I focus on the positive, healthy, clean and legal capacities of treatment. I believe that therapy doesn’t have to be tense during every session. If you need healing, if you need fulfillment, I believe that the Therapeutic Recreation that I habituate is beneficial to my team of therapists and clinicians in our path for long-term stability and well-being of our clients. Those who enter our program will be welcomed into a supportive and structured environment where you can express struggles and concerns. When you visit me, you’ll find freedom in choices, kinesthetic experiences, movement, music, hobbies, artistic outlets, tactile action and achievement. While talent is not required, art is appropriate for all ages. It enhances emotional, physical and mental well-being. Art can bring depth and life to feelings, whether they hurt or are felicitous. When you have your awakening or “Ah-ha” moment, I want to be there to see it.

The long term goal of Balance Treatment Center is to see our clients achieving optimal functioning in all areas and phases of their lives... basically to be living the best life that they possibly can.
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